1939 Registration


As the Church bells ceased to ring and darkness fell upon Great Britain, for the second time in the 20th century we went to WAR.

The price paid by humanity was huge.

In order to plan the logistics of war, the Government needed to know what resources they had, what man power, how to facilitate the running of our country in wartime conditions. So, on the 29th September 1939, a ‘registration’ was taken of the population. Not only did this give the Government an overview of the country, but it provided the basis for the National Health Service that was to come into being in 1948.

There were 41 million individual entries on the Registration.

Now the contents of the 1939 Registration are being made public after years of work by the National Archives at Kew.



See how your family were living as war broke out.

Images of this Registration make a valuable tool for family research. Find My Past website has the license for the registration and charges £6.95 per image to view.