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A start point for a budget is £100, but you can specify any amount beyond that. You do not have to be local as we work for people all over the globe. A commission can be carried out with communication by email, phone or letter.


A commissioned project can take many forms. The most usual request is for a Family History, going back through time as far as possible. However, you may be more interested in an Investigation into one particular aspect of the past - a family story that has been passed down, or just one particular person whose life you would like to know about in much greater detail. Mary loves this kind of investigation and asks that you contact her for a discussion as to your requirements.


You may add or amend your instructions as you wish, and can also adjust your budget by adding to it at any point. The end product is absolutely second to none in the field of Family History and is a potential heirloom for future generations to continue. A payment of 50% of your chosen budget is requested at the time of commissioning, and a further payment at the first update.


A ball park figure for this kind of research:-


From your parents, you have four direct lines of ancestry - ie each one of your grandparents. 


£100 =  research on one line to 1841

£200 =  research on  two lines to 1841

£300 =  research on three lines to 1841

£400 = research on all four lines to 1841


You may decide to focus your researches to cover a part of the family in which you have a particular interest, if so, you can instruct Mary accordingly and she will put together an agreed budget.


Many projects take us back through time into the 1400's, or even earlier, so if your project has this potential you can agree your own personal budget with Mary. 



Your finished binder will include extensive  genealogy reports on all researched lines. ancestral charts, origin of main surnames, a kinship line showing relationships, archive material, so you can visualise how your families lived in their own time. Lavishly illustrated with Victorian drawings, and space to record events that have taken place since the binder was completed, your family history is a treasure chest of information. Each binder is designed so that a reader looking at it in 200 years time, will fully understand the story being told.



The binder itself is a luxurious loose leaf binder embossed in gold with the words Family History and presented to you in a safe storage box. You have a choice of colours black, blue, burgundy or green.





Are you stuck with your own researches?

You may have carried out some research yourself and become stuck along the way - make an appointment, and Mary will do her utmost to unstick you. Remember though that the records used in family history were not put there for us ~ they were taken for an entirely different purpose and as a result are often frustratingly incomplete!

You may decide to ask Mary to  work by the hour to help you in this way, currently at £20.00 per hour.