Plantagenesta - The Family Historian                                                    a story that should continue

Mary Hyland developed the concept of working as a genealogist from a shop - and this was a unique 'first' for in the fast growing field of genealogy. She worked in this way for almost 11 years, and very successfully, until a family illness forced her to close her beloved shop on Honiton High Street and work from home.  So Plantagenesta takes on a new format, but still produces the highest quality family histories, beautifully presented.


Avoca - the Irish village in Co Wicklow, where Mary's ancestors came from.

The idea of a Family History shop is something that could be carried forward and expanded into franchises up and down the country. This was Mary's long held ambition, but fate intervened and this is not an option for her now. However, should you, the reader, be interested in setting up your own family history shop, and taking this wonderfully innovative idea all over the country, Mary would love to hear from you. Her business plan is unique and very successful and she is happy to share it with a prospective buyer for a mutually agreeable fee. 




 As well as a life long interest in genealogy, Mary worked as a graphic artist having trained at Bolton College of Art. This training has stood her in good  stead as she developed the way her projects were presented. A Family HIstory researched, studied and presented by Mary is something your family will treasure and wish to pass on to future generations. Mary lives in the village of Hemyock, in the beautiful Blackdown Hills, she has assorted children, natural, step and adopted, and in her spare time loves her garden, reading, and most of all spending time with the her grandchildren, the future generation.

If you are considering a Family History project, Mary welcomes enquiries, but on the other hand, if you just have a puzzling query with regard to your own researches, she will happily help you with that. Please contact her first by email or through the contact link on this website.